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A Lovely Mention in Design New England


Signing Books at the Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Show

Marilyn was on hand last weekend signing books at the Tilbury House Publishers' booth.


Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors 2014 Exhibition

This weekend from Friday, August 8-Sunday, August 10 in Rockland Harbor. The exhibition just happens to coincide with the publication of Marilyn's article, "Home as a Tent," in the current issue of Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors magazine. Marilyn will be on hand each day from 3-4PM to sign books at Tilbury's booth.


Beyond the Sea Book Festival at Lincolnville Beach

A great literary event in Lincolnville, Maine this past weekend. Marilyn was present to sign copies of Bill Moss: Fabric Artist & Designer and was in the good company of fellow authors K. Stephens, A Ghost Trap, Christopher Fahy, Gone From the Game and The Christmas Star, and Jim Witherall, Ed Muskie: Made in Maine and L.L. Bean: The Man and his Company.


While upstairs, David Little gave a terrific talk on his new book, The Art of Katahdan.


Don't Miss Hearing Marilyn's Talk at Left Bank Books!


Marilyn Moss to present a slide lecture on "Bill Moss: Fabric Artist & Designer

Come hear Marilyn speak about Bill Moss at Left Bank Books in Belfast, Maine on Sunday, July 20 at 5PM!


"Art to Live In," an article in Maine Magazine on Marilyn Moss and the Bill Moss Legacy.

"Art To Live In," a story about Marilyn Moss, Bill Moss, and the making of an iconic Maine brand. Marilyn’s story, or at least part of it, is about how she brought these products from cocktail napkins to the world." 

Marilyn Moss received a 2014 IPPY Independent Publishers Silver Medal for Bill Moss: Fabric Artist & Designer and was a finalist for a Maine Publishers & Writers Alliance Literary Award in nonfiction.


Early Responses to Bill Moss: Fabric Artist & Designer


Sena Jeter Naslund (author, Ahab’s Wife) writes “the beauty of the tents and fabric structures is simply breathtaking...the book as a whole creates an exciting, transcendent aesthetic and intellectual experience for the reader-viewer, it creates lives and art all at once.”

Paul Smith (director emeritus of what is now the Museum of Art & Design in NY) “...Bill Moss: Fabric Artist and Designer is a beautiful publication that portrays Moss’ innovative concepts for portable structures and celebrates his illustrious life and career.”

Chellie Pingree (U.S. Congresswoman), “I’ve known about Bill Moss, his amazing designs—and Marilyn—for a long time. As an ardent backpacker early in life I had the benefit of his vision and the wonderful lightweight tents—and I remember when the Moss brand on a tent was a sign of “made in Maine” and a spectacular look, feel and function. Perhaps even earlier, as a teenager on North Haven, I witnessed their mystery and genius when we snuck down (in the “off season”) to take a peek at the O’Domes—the amazing creations tucked in the woods behind Marilyn’s family’s house. Then along the way I got to know the award-winning Maine companies—and Marilyn the phenomenal entrepreneur—along with her wonderful reputation for taking good care of their workers and creating jobs for over 150 Maine people by being truly socially responsible and engaging in the creative economy long before most people used the terms. Thank goodness Marilyn unpacked all the stored memories and turned them into a beautiful and inspiring book by adding in her own personal stories, many wonderful photos, the history of this brilliant and visionary man and the wonderful work they did together.”

Gerhardt Knodel (fiber artist, director of Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1995-2007) ”...what an accomplishment!! The format is beautifully designed, the color is compelling and the contents are exactly what you intended, a generous overview of his life, his life’s work, and a caring reflection by so many of the individuals that worked and lived with him…”

Todd Dalland (a friend of Bill's and admirer of his work, is also a tent designer and Fellow of the American Institute of Architects) “Bill Moss: Fabric Artist & Designer is one of the great American stories rooted in the postwar 50's whose triumphs inspire people from all around the world to a free-spirited, ingenious and eco-savvy way of living and working. In Moss' example, it's about bringing beauty and innovative technology to the lightweight shelters that populate our lifestyle and environment. The creativity and drive of one individual, Bill Moss, supported by his wife and partner Marilyn and a small group of very talented followers, challenged corporate America to make better shelter products by example. Ultimately, through the widespread popularity and sales of its artistic tents and shelters, Moss Inc become a part of corporate America—an exemplary one."