Marilyn Moss to Give Talk at Camden Library

If you find yourself in beautiful Camden, Maine on June 10, be sure to come to Marilyn's talk on Bill Moss: Fabric Artist & Designer at 7PM. We hope to see you there! Marilyn Moss at Center for Maine Contemporary ArtPhoto credit: Kelsey Floyd



Moss Paper Tents

A selection of Moss "paper" children's tents displayed at a Ford dealership to promote camping with station wagons.#tbt Moss Paper Tents

Chuck's Solus ll: Summer of '84

Some old memories from Chuck. Thanks for writing! In the summer of 1984 old Camden GF et self took the ferry over to Nova Scotia from Bar Harbor for week ride down SE shore and needed a lighter tent

Rolled up to the "factory" yard/field/parking lot with many white duck prototypes (I guess) pitched on platforms weathering

Some old stoner long haired type (that I still can/do identify with) came out of the "factory"

"Sure man, we can do that"

Rummaged around upstairs for the best factory second he could find, took an out of town czech and off we went

Great little tent, a bit wind sensitive butt near three season if pitched into wind

Floor coating getting a bit worn

Was visiting with a local (Tulsa) outfitter who was familiar with Moss Tents who said they were a bit diff in that the floor coating was outside which makes sense in that movement that might affect would be on the inside

Birch Lake BWB1 Solus1 Solus2

Michigan Modern: Design That Shaped America

The Grand Rapids Art Museum in partnership with the Kendall College of Art & Design will be hosting the symposium "Michigan Modern: Design That Shaped America" from June 19-24, 2014. Marilyn Moss, one of the speakers, will be presenting "Radical Design Explorations," a talk about the work of Bill Moss and his artistic roots in Michigan. For more information go to Michigan Modern: Design That Shaped America

Coming Soon: Marilyn Moss to Speak at Portland Library

Marilyn Moss will be speaking on Bill Moss: Fabric Artist & Designer at the Portland Library on Wednesday, January 29 as part of the Brown Bag Lecture Series at 12 noon. If you find yourself in Portland, ME next week, please join us! Marilyn Moss to Speak on Bill Moss