A Fan of the Moss Star Gazer Tent

Hi there, I have a Moss Stargazer II which I bought in the late 1980s. The most amazing tent. I was telling friends about it (I now live in Australia and the tent is in storage in New Zealand, soon to be sent here) and I said it was the most beautiful tent ever made—when they scoffed I looked it up online to show them a picture only to find that it is in the collection at MOMA. No more needed to be said. I wasn’t surprised to find out that Bill Moss was an artist either. The skylight was a stroke of genius —I used to say that the only thing that tent didn’t have was a cappuccino maker. When we set off with it to kayak and camp in Glacier National Park, my boyfriend at the time, who recommended the tent, promised it would indeed produce a cappuccino and a chocolate croissant each morning ...
— Nan S.