Finding a Moss Tent at a Garage Sale

What a fortuitous find in Montreal...

My son (12 years old and a very active Scout) and I drove by a garage sale that was selling some camping items. We saw the Therma-Rests first, then we saw a tent.

The man explained to me with great enthusiasm that this was a Moss tent. I told him I knew North Face, Trango, etc... but I did not know Moss. We took the tent out - there were a few tears. We did not buy the tent but we did leave our phone number. We then went home, made a few phone calls, went online, and had a lengthy conversation with my husband (canoeing and camping enthusiast) who did not want us to buy the tent, so we did not buy the tent...

Then the man from the garage sale called and told me the tent was still available - we negotiated a price, returned and set up the tent - it was missing the pegs, and the poles were a little warped,but my son and I felt good about it and thought we could clean it up.

We took it home and set it up for my husband. He blasted it with a hose with my son in the tent. No water got in it. They spent a couple of hours repairing the tent.

My son (one of three) is now the proud owner of a Moss tent and he is thrilled. He cannot wait to use it.
Thought you might enjoy this story.
— Margo and Dave, Montreal