Mt. Rainier to Korea

[Hong Jin Kim saw his first Moss tent in 2005 while visiting Mt. Ranier.]

At first site, I would say that I fell in love with it and decided to talk to the guy who was camping with it, to sell it to me. I know it sounds crazy and I don't even know what sort of courage that was, but we made a deal and a couple of days later, I was on a plane back [to Korea] with my Moss tent....

I liked Moss tents so much because of the philosophy that blended its design, the great quality fabric and versatile usability. I didn't have an idea howw much effort or energy might be needed to create such a great tent back then. But as I studied more about traditional architecture, the way to design shape from pure nature, and various tent fabrics, I started realizing that all these Moss tents are the result of on great mind on this planet.

Hong Jin Kim, Korea, 2012

Photo credit: Hong Jin Kim

Photo credit: Hong Jin Kim