Message About Moss Tents From Japan

I was excited to receive this message with photos today from Tetk in Japan. We got in touch with him after seeing that he had started following Bill Moss Tents on Twitter and had a photo of a Little Dipper.


Photo is Little Dipper taken July 2002 at Mt. Kiso-Koma in Japan. I went with my family, wife, daughter (6 years old at that time), and son (2 years old at that time).

At that time, I was out with my family every year to mountain trip. Mt. Kisokoma (2,956 m)  is the first mountain from family increased to four. My wife carried son and his diapers, and I carried all of camping goods such as four sleeping bags, mats, tent, food, clothes and all the rest. Altitude of the encampment is 2,870 m. Usually, the Kisokoma is day trip mountain. But we wanted to stay and want to touch mountain air for the long time. Day trip is MOTTAINAI.

Little Dipper is our favorite family backpacking tent. Low profile and durable framework give us an excellent wind resistance. In fact, there was a heavy evening shower (squall) but inside was no problem at all with happy family circle. The Little Dipper is the best family tent which has the best weather resistance.

Thanks! Tetk