Moss Stardome Tent

We received this nice note from David S., saying he has been a proud Moss tent fan and owner for many years. I am so happy to have found your site Bill Moss Tents! I purchased a Stardome II, a Stardome III and a Heptawing back in 1991. … I have had and still own several tents from many different manufacturers. None have been as well made, sturdy in brutal conditions, durable, or beautiful to look at as the Moss tents. The Stardome III’s design with its oversized .490 diameter Easton pole set is likely the strongest backpacking/expedition tent ever made. Mine has been with me on many incredible trips through all seasons and conditions over the last 21-plus years.

I just had Pendra at Tent Repair Services custom make me a second fly for it that incorporates matching vestibules on both front and back doors. I actually just received it two days ago. My faithful Stardome III now looks even more like a piece of art with the uniform silhouette with the matching vestibules.

The original fly is still doing just fine, but I will surely enjoy the additional space and increased weather protection from the new custom-made fly, likely sewn by the same person that made my Stardome III in 1991, in the same town of Camden, Maine USA! 

Thanks to you and Bill for designing and producing the best tents ever made!

David S.