A Message from Korea Regarding MOSS and Greatness


We just received the most delightful email from Jin in Korea. Here are some excerpts:


"Even though he is not here on earth with us together, but all his work and tents remain as a legacy in legendary form. That’s all that matters I think....As one of big fans of all MOSS tents around the world, I want to share some story about myself with MOSS tent, and some thought as well that happens the other side of the globe (from where you are).

Long time back to 2005, that was the year that I encountered with MOSS tent very first time of my life. I know you would be very surprised about this but believe me, MOSS tent was not even introduced in Korea that time yet. J I was travelling to Seattle for some business and a weekend, I just popped up and went to Mt. Rainier. Nothing has been planned for that trip to Mt. Rainier back then but I just went there, and that was the place that I first saw MOSS tent, Olympic.

At first site, I would say that I fell in love with it and decided to talk to the guy who was doing camping, to sell it to me. I know it sounds crazy and I don’t even know what sort of courage it was, but anyway, that made a deal with that guy and couple days later, I was one a plane back home with my first MOSS tent…

I liked MOSS tent so much because of its design, fabric, and usability. I want to confess first that I didn’t have much idea about how much effort or energy might be needed to create such a great tent back then. But as I study more about architecture, design, and fabric, I started realizing that all these MOSS tents are the result of one great mind in this planet.

Even though I didn’t have luxury to talk to him directly because of my ignorance at 1990 and early 2000, but having his legacy and enjoying camping with it are such a joy of my life...

 What really matter is that people should appreciate the fact that we had Bill Moss on this same planet and because of that we now can enjoy camping with his legendary artwork as a legacy. We do have great tents that he made, came from all the curves and shapes of nature, and that’s what we should appreciate and enjoy...”    Jin

Thank you, Jin. Marilyn