Clint and His Moss Tents: A Love Story

Moss Olympic Tent  


Clint contacted us recently to share his camping adventures with the Moss Olympic and StarDome tents. The enduring quality of his Moss tents under challenging conditions put his camping companions and their "econo yurts" to shame. To this day, he remains a steadfast Moss tent enthusiast. Stay tuned for Clint's stories in my upcoming book and know, for now, that:

My Olympic tent is in the best of hands momentarily, and will return to me shortly with a new, odor-free floor, and you can bet I'll be exercising my options with this tent as soon and as often as possible. If I ever get my hands on a dollar bill again, I may hold on to it until the eagle starts to smile, but then I'll be looking for a Moss Encore, or any other Camden, Maine Moss tent to add to my collection!

What a great tent. Anyone associated with creating them in any way ought to be proud of that association. If only all things were made as well !

Thank you, Clint. Marilyn