Expedition Tres Cumbres: Adventures in the Moss Olympic Tent, South America, 1986

From the Moss Tent 1987 catalogue, a tale of the Moss Olympic Tent in the early years:  

"It sounded like the mountain troops were holding midnight machine gun practice at "Nido de Condores," our glacial tent platform on Nev Illimani, Bolivia...difficult enough to "sleep" at 5,00 meters without listening to the rainfly of the Argentine climbers' tent flapping loudly in the high, gusty winds outside. By contrast, the walls of our Moss Olympic tent barely vibrated, since they were stretched tightly between lightweight but rugged aluminum glacier tent stakes.

The Moss Olympic Tent in Peru

Even "rocked down" (without tent stakes) as tightly as we could, our Moss Olympic provided tight, welcome shelter at Camp II (6,520 m.) just below a rocky, windswept summit of Bolivia. Three climbers could sleep comfortably warm; two with generous extra space. Normally, we used our rainfly vestibule to store important gear needed for moonlight "alpine starts" for summit days. But on the high, wide and exposed glacial platform at "Nido de Condores," Nevado Illimani (6,462 m.) we had practically no choice but to cook inside the vestibule.

With a zippered door at either end, access to the functional vestibule was by simply opening the zipper, enabling us to cook only a foot or two from our "pillows." After having owned 5-6 other tents of varying designs in the past, I can truly testify that our Moss Olympic, with its tight aerodynamic design, was in a class by itself. It was the envy of many other climbers from many other nations who examined it."

Tom Waldorf Bozeman, Montana Expedition Tres Cumbres

Peru, Chile, Bolivia 1986