Moss Tent Talk

Welcome to my blog! I’m 72 years old and find myself unexpectedly excited about communicating in cyberspace and embracing all the possibilities social media has to offer. I began by joining LinkedIn in an effort to contact people who have been associated with Bill Moss and his work in order to gather more information for my book. This led to my discovery of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the world of blogging!

And now I can’t believe my evolution into this world—here I am with a website AND writing a blog . . . the next steps in my journey chronicling Bill Moss’ creative path and revolutionary contributions.

Which brings me to you—the Moss tent enthusiast (I know you are out there!). This blog will be a place where we can share stories about our adventures in Moss tents—alone or with a friend, a spouse or our families. I am hoping this will encourage you, Moss tent lover, to submit your favorite tale with the possibility of being published in Bill Moss: Fabric Artist & Designer. (See our contact page.) If you have photos to share, please email them to

Thanks, Marilyn