Steve Discovers a Hidden Moss Outland Tent

  Steve's Moss Outland Tent

We just received this lovely message from Steve:

Hi Marilyn,

 I have been a Moss tent fan for a good long time. I have owned several and in fact I am writing you today after finding a tent hidden in my gear closet. I can't recall the model but it has been on many journeys with me and after pitching it again today with my 9 year old daughter it will make its way back into the rotation. I also currently own a Parawing and it is 15 plus years old and still going strong. 

I went searching for the model on line and came across your website. Nicely done by the way. 

When your book is ready so will I. 

I have access to a ton of gear as I am sales rep for a number of outdoor brands here in the Rockies. But quality like the Moss tents I have owned are far and few between. Thanks for kindling my fire regarding quality gear. Bill was clearly ahead of his time. 



Thank you, Steve,