The Moss Event Tent, Inspired by Bedouin Tent Design


Bill Moss Event Tent

(top photo: a model of the modular Moss Event Tent; lower left a photo of the Event Tent System; top lower right Hammond Castle, Gloucester, MA; bottom lower right the Event Tent used one evening along the shores of Maine for a nonprofit organization fundraising event)

The modular Event Tent, with a modified pole system that Bill Moss developed as a result of his travels to the middle-east. Prior to his exposure to Bedouin tents used in the desert by nomadic Arabs, he had designed his Event Tent with poles, erecting the tent into pointed peaks. He liked the Bedouin idea of a curved pole at the top, distributing the stress over a larger area and he incorporated it into his design.

The Event Tent provided a dramatic, versatile and spacious protected area for a wide variety of outdoor occasions including: conferences, business meetings, cultural events, fairs, shows, lectures, parties and receptions.