The X-Campers Stage A Moss Tent Meeting

We recently heard from Franco L. who sent a  message about his adventures with his band of tent-loving friends, the X-campers. A tent collector, he says that Moss tents are among his favorite brands. "We are a group of outdoor guys always gather for camp by using/testing different of camping gears. Most of us have hold many tents. However, we can only go for camp maybe once a week. Therefore, we had hold a camp gathering for different main theme in order to set up most of tents together. Moss Meeting is one of our main theme. We'd conduct three times already." Franco L. 

In 2008, Franco and his fellow campers held a Moss Tent “memorial night" at the Ma Tso Lung grassland in Hong Kong. What a fantastic image this is. Thank you,  Franco.


Moss tent reunion 2008