Dreaming of Warmer Weather and the Moss Parawing

Ah, to be outside under the protection of the Moss Parawing.....  

Bill Moss' design for the Parawing made a big difference  between an enjoyable vacation and one that was wet and miserable. The Moss Parawing was one amazing innovation. Unlike a conventional tarp/dining fly, the Parawing hyberbolic paraboloid compound curves offered more protection and strength by facilitating the spilling of wind and rain.

The 12' model could provide weight conscious campers with ample cooking and dining shelter...while the 19' model was especially suited to family camping as a dining fly, or for added flair and protection at picnics, barbecues or parties at home or on the beach.

(paraphrased from the 1987 Moss Tent Catalogue)


The Bill Moss Parawing