Vintage Moss: The Habitual Hiker and His Solet Hit the Appalachian Trail

  Bill Moss Solet Tent


From the 1987 Moss Tent Catalogue--Leonard Adkins recounts his adventures with the Moss Solet:

"I started hiking the Appalachian Trail northward from Harpers Ferry, W. Virginia on June 3rd of this year. Now, after 500 miles and 140 days of use, the Moss Solet tent looks and performs as well as it did the first night I used it in Harpers Ferry over four months ago...

I came to love the simplicity of design and ease of set up of the Solet. New England had the wettest summer in 97 years this year. Since it rained so much, I would push my luck almost to the ver last second and keep hiking in order to cover as much distance as possible before the rains began.

At Clearwater Brook, Maine, I was racing against a thunderstorm and I timed myself putting up the Solet. From the moment the Solet came out of the stuff sack until the last stake for the fly was in the ground, I took only one minute and 53 seconds to set the tent up....Through all this rain I never got wet...

On Flagstaff Lake, Maine, I once again came to appreciate the no-see-um body of the tent...the night was clear and cool...I left the fly off so that I could enjoy the magnificent display of stars...Yet, I was protected from the hordes of insects.

That morning a fierce storm rolled in over the lake. I put the fly on and listened to the storm from inside the tent...I could tell I was in a violent storm upon breaking camp in the morning, I saw where the wind had brought down a number of trees and cracked branches off of others. I had made it through the storm nice and dry. I, in fact, had not really had any idea how fierce the wind had been as all through the storm the tent and even the fly remained solid with barely a perceptible flapping of the fly..."

We would love to hear about your experiences with the Moss Solet.

Thanks, Marilyn