Lisa and the Tent


Lisa in the TentMarie T., an old friend from the early Moss Tent years, shared her memories of an early camping experience with her young daughter, Lisa, then four.

"This is a picture from an early trip to Maine (Lisa is now in her forties) in one of Bill's tents. You probably know better than I the name of it. OK, so it's a tent, but it has the qualities of all good architecture that of transforming the neutral space. In this case this tent seemed to recreate the endless sky. The seamless expanse of blue during the day is dotted with the shadows of the leaves and branches of trees...  

To this day we have this same tent that still is in service at our summer place in Canada. It is set up on a tent platform overlooking Mac Gregor Bay at the top of Georgian Bay. It is still as beautiful as the first day we used it."    Marie T.

This early version of the Moss Eave Tent was called the Mountain Tent. It was made of poplin cotton and bears the "Avis" label as it was licensed to Warren Avis for manufacturing in the '60s.