The Flower of Life















We received word from Nao-san who sent a photo from a recent camping expedition with his son. They pitched the Moss Encore Tent at a campground by lake Hibara in Japan, a favorite spot of theirs for the past 11 years.

Of Bill Moss tents, Nao-san writes:

"I have been so impressed by Bill Moss products. I am not a musician (though I played keyboards in teenager) but I like artistic products. I know Bill called a top window of his tens as vesica piscis. I know it came from "Flower of Life" in sacred geometry. Though I do not know about it well, I love Bill's products influenced from such mysterious things. When I see stars through vesica piscis, I always feel and enigma of human life and this universe. No other tents let me think about such things."

Thank you, Nao-san, for your beautiful words.