The Moss Pentawing: the Innovative Alternative to the Conventional Awning

pentawing With exclusive tension fabric technology...this unique sunshade created a welcome shelter and energy savings over your deck, terrace, lawn, window, greenhouse or entryway.

"Bill Moss originally designed this shade awning in the '60s for John Boyle & Company. It was a modification of his hyperbolic paraboloid shade canopy, called the Parawing. Bill redesigned it at the request of this client to attach to a residential entrance, which required five points instead of four. John Boyle & Company marketed it, the Butterfly Chaser, for backyard sitting/dining, as a sun and light rain shelter. Later, in Camden, Maine, Bill renamed it the Pentawing. The white cotton, elegant shapes started appearing in backyards and commercial entries throughout coastal Maine".  Marilyn Moss