The Moss StarGazer Led a Double Life

  Moss StarGazer Tent and Exhibition Structure



Back in the '80s the Moss StarGazer enjoyed a new role as an exhibition structure at a trade show for glove manufacture. The space was enclosed yet light, airy and open to the public.

At the time, E. Thomas Willard, Vice President of Gates-Mills, the company that contracted the StarGazer for this show, made the following comments:

"attractive design...ease of erection and knockdown amazed us...functioned very well from a display standpoint...we are not alone in our praise. A spokesman from the National Association of Display Industries...said that our booth represented the best display of product at the show."

Just recently, Tom Willard contacted us with his recollections of that event and of his interactions with Bill Moss in preparation for the exhibit:

Today I revisited my curiosity about what is going on with Moss. I found your book, which I am sure to read. You asked for "a Moss experience", and I have one. I believe it was 1982 when our sales manager and I visited your company. We were producing fabric ski gloves (Gates), and I wanted to use fabric to sell fabric. We met you and worked with Bill during the day. His tour of your camping tents brought me upon the "StarGazer". I asked Bill if you could make it bigger, as in 10'x20' in size. He said yes, but that he would have to build a model because it could not be drawn well. I remember Fred, our sales manager, getting excited, and deciding he could draw it. He stood in the middle of the room, with pencil and paper, when he realized that Bill was right. It was comical. Long story short, you did it and it was a great success for Gates. For you i believe it may have lead to taking an idea or design out of one definition and moving it over to another. From camping to display the same principle works. It was a fun project, and I still have the model, which Bill had made. I keep it with pride as a momento. Good luck with your writing. Itis good to reconnect." Tom

Thank you, Tom, for sharing your memories with us.   Marilyn